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July 2013
OME Training Workshop focused on Energy Statistics & Balances; with the contributions of University of Montpellier, RTE, MEDELEC/STEG, MEDGRID & MEDREG...Read more.
May 2013
OME & MEDGRID present their joint publication “Towards an Interconnected Mediterranean Grid: Institutional Framework & Regulatory Perspectives (May 28) at EDF headquarters, more.
May 2013
Bruno Lescoeur appointed Chairman of OME, Tahar Laribi Vice-chairman and Raafat El Beltagy Honorary Chairman…read more.
March 2013
Regional workshop and B2B meetings on solar thermal in Tirana gathered businesses and key experts from countries of the Mediterranean... Press release.
January 2013
Mrs. Houda Ben Jannet Allal elected new General Director of OME...Read.


December 2013
13th FEMIP Conference (10 December), Thon Hotel EU, Brussels, more.
October 2013
BETTER Regional Workshop North Africa (28 October), Rabat (Morocco)...Agenda.


October 2013
OME Strategy Committee Meeting (24 October), Paris.


EU PVSEC 2013 - 28th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference & more.
September 2013
OME Renewable Energy Committee meeting (30 September), Parc des Expositions Paris Villepinte , Paris.
September 2013
Electricity Committee meeting of OME (18 & 19 september) kindly hosted by STEG at Hotel Concorde les Berges du Lac, Tunis (Tunisia)
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“Solar Water Heating Market Transformation and Strengthening Initiative” project, in cooperation with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) aims at accelerating global commercialization and sustainable market transformation of solar water heating systems, thereby reducing the current use of electricity and fossil fuels for hot water preparation in residential, private service sector and public buildings and, when applicable, industrial applications.

The activities within the third phase of the project include:
- Market Assessment Report III: update of the Market Assessment Report II. This
report will include a new countries (Balkan countries) looking at the solar
industry structure, information on certification and testing systems, etc.

- Regional Workshop and B2B Meetings: organisation of a regional workshop and B2B
meetings in Tirana, Albania, held on 20-21 march 2013. More info:



BETTER project intends to address RES cooperation between the EU and third countries in several dimensions. The starting point is given through the cooperation mechanisms provided by the RES Directive, allowing Member States to achieve their 2020 RES targets in a more cost efficient way, and thereby including the possibility to cooperate with third countries. Thus, the core objective of BETTER is to assess, through case studies, stakeholders involvement and integrated analysis, to what extent cooperation with third countries can help Europe achieve its RES targets in 2020 and beyond, trigger the deployment of RES electricity projects in third countries and create synergies and win-win circumstances for all involved parties.
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Europe and the Gulf have a number of interests in common ranging from trade, energy and climate policies to education, culture and communication. The European Union (EU) and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) remain committed to promoting these mutual interests and to reinforcing their cooperation. The project, lasting two years, aims to explore ways to promote relations between the EU and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), through the implementation of policy-oriented research, outreach and training activities. The overall project objective is to strengthen understanding and cooperation between the EU and the GCC, with particular attention to the strategic areas identified in the Joint Action Programme of 2010, such as trade and finance, energy and transport. The project, led by the IAI, is implemented by a consortium of research institutes, both from Europe and the Gulf, and is divided into 10 work packages (funding: European Commission).
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Two experts hired by OME and based in Cairo are working full time on the project. The first coordination meeting took place in Brussels on May 3rd 2009, and was followed by the first Experts’ group/Steering Committee meeting on May 4th and 5th, which was attended by about 100 participants. The next event was the workshop organized in Sharm El Sheikh on June 28th, titled “MENA Energized: Regional Challenges to Green the Power Sector”.

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Plan Solaire Méditerranéen - Diverses Etudes d’Appui à la Structuration des Projets du Plan Solaire Méditerranéen (Composante 1)
Le projet est financé par le FFEM (Fonds Français pour l’Environnement Mondial) et bénéficie d’un appui de l’AFD, de la DGEC (MEDDTL) et de l’ADEME.
D’une durée de deux ans, le projet a pour objectif la réalisation et la diffusion d’un outil Excel dynamique d’aide à la décision pour l’implantation de projets d’énergies renouvelables (EnR) dans les pays du Sud et Est méditerranéens (PSEM). La première phase du projet se terminera en janvier 2012 et concerne l’élaboration de l’outil, en se basant sur 4 pays pilotes que sont l’Egypte, la Jordanie, le Maroc et la Tunisie. La deuxième phase du projet (18 mois) sera réservée à la dissémination de l’outil aux autres PSEM et l’adaptation de celui-ci aux pays intéressés.


The “Solar Atlas for the Mediterranean” project aims at developing a high quality and easy accessible database of available solar resource in direct and global radiation in the Mediterranean and at disseminating relevant information to stakeholders. The database will be based on at least 10 years of solar radiation data and will offer annual and monthly global horizontal and direct normal solar radiation.


The aims of this internal study is to collect and analyze data about the most relevant defined or under development Renewable Energy plans and projects, in selected countries, and to organize workshops/roundtables with Renewable Energy projects operators, investors and local authorities to discuss barriers and recommendations at regulatory and economic levels, in which the following aspects will be considered: technology used and technical features, economic aspects, financing methodology and regulation applicable.

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Funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme, the Project is aiming at building a comprehensive framework covering security of supply issues inside and outside the EU. Started in 2008, the project develops appropriate tools for evaluating the vulnerability of the EU to the different energy supply risks, and for promoting the optimization of EU energy insecurity mitigation strategies, including investment, demand side management and dialogue with producing countries. OME is the overall coordinator of this project.

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“Research, methodologies for the effective development of pan-European key GRID infrastructures to support the achievement of reliable, competitive and sustainable electricity supply” (2008-2011): OME participates in Work-Package 3 and leads Work-Package 3.6. WP 3 is devoted to implement a framework, (i.e. methodologies and tools), to assess and demonstrate the benefits of developing transmission infrastructure for the pan-European power system, to encourage transmission investments at national and multi-national levels in order to achieve a reliable transmission system, to enable exploitation of large scale renewable resources, and to get a competitive pan-European electricity market. The first Stakeholders Meeting took place in Milan on September 2008 and the second one in Vienna on April 2009. OME, jointly with CESI, RICERCA and JRC, presented a general overview and focus on the WP 3 activities of the first year.

“New Energy Externalities Development for Sustainability” (2004-2009): The Final Conference of the NEEDS project took place in Brussels, 16‐17 February 2009. The project finished on 31 March 2009. OME prepared a results oriented report on “Externalities associated to the extraction and transport of energy” which summarizes overall findings of the Stream OME was leading.

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