MEDITERRANEAN ENERGY PERSPECTIVES: Building a shared energy vision Meeting

From December 09, 2019
to December 10, 2019
Maison de l’Amérique Latine, 75006 Paris

Mediterranean Energy Perspectives

Building a shared energy vision Meeting

Paris, 9-10 December 2019

Maison de l’Amérique Latine, 75006 Paris

As part of its work, the OME conducts several studies and analyses of the energy situation in the Mediterranean region. Specifically, the OME produces every two years the MEP (Mediterranean Energy Perspectives) which presents a detailed analysis of the energy situation in the region and two scenarios, data ranging from the early days of the region’s energy industry to the situation today and an outlook based on OME’s inhouse econometric supply and demand model, the Mediterranean Energy Model.Strong growth trends in energy demand in South and East Mediterranean countries, the growing concerns of sustainable socio-economic development and security of supply and the necessary transition to low-carbon economies to adapt to a changing climate context accentuate the need and urgency for scaling-up the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy development policies in the region.

In this context, the realization of a UfM-OME energy scenario, a “ProMed Scenario”, could offer a contrasted view of the possible energy future in the Mediterranean region. This scenario will rely on stronger assumptions of energy efficiency, demand management and renewable energy development than the current OME scenarios, in order to be compliant with the low carbon climate objectives set at COP21. This scenario will take into account the regional and national specific contexts, such as access to energy, economic development and national and regional energy security.

The objective of this Mediterranean Energy Scenario Meeting is to build the best and most up-to-date energy scenario for the region and define for each country the most accurate trends based on detailed expertise.

The first session provides insight on the current energy situation in the region, the climate emergencies, the technology prospects and the energy existing and foreseen scenarios and their possible evolution, as well as providing a crash course on energy modelling basics and general understanding of the Mediterranean energy model.

The second session is an interactive round table, a platform where experts from each Mediterranean country confront expertise from various fields and topics to provide input on current and future energy trends and policies to define and build the common scenario, a shared vision.