How to join us ?

Corporate Member

To join OME and become a full Corporate Member, the applicant company for Membership must have interests and be a direct or indirect player in the production, transport or distribution of energies, or be concerned with the future of energy in the Mediterranean region. Application for Membership should be addressed to OME Chairman or Vice Chairman. Final decision is taken by the General Assembly.

Associated Partner

There are no specific criteria to become an Associated Partner of a Committee, only the mutual interest and the active involvement must be taken into account. To become Associated Partner the entity or the association has to send its application to the Chair of the Committee and to the General Director. Final decision is taken by the Executive Committee. Committees Associate Partner will be invited to attend Committee meetings and will be entitled to follow the work of the Committee they are associated with. Committee Associate Partner subscription fees follow the same rules regarding the payment and terms of fees as for the OME General Assembly Members.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are set, every year, by Members of the Executive Committee and are submitted to the General Assembly for approval. Membership fee varies according to the turnover and the size of a company.

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