ENERMED Session: Developments and perspectives in the LNG industry, Paris, France, 23 November 2017

2 August 2017

Draft agenda LNG workshop 23 Nov 2017
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Following the success of its workshop on LNG trends in December 2016, the OME is organizing, jointly with the Moroccan Fédération de l’Energie, a second edition to present an overview of global and regional recent developments in the LNG industry, and to discuss possible future trends.

Over the past few years, the natural gas industry, and in particular the LNG industry, experienced remarkable growth and transformations. And the gas/LNG markets continue to change rapidly. Many new LNG projects are keep coming on stream. But these additional volumes of LNG are becoming available at a time when the LNG market is already well supplied. This LNG surplus has a direct impact on price formation and contracts, which attract new LNG-importing countries but also discourage new upstream investment.

How will the LNG market evolve in the future? Are investments in new LNG supply infrastructures at risk? Will new LNG customers turned into long-term consumers? How will pricing mechanism further adapt? What is/will be the strategy of exporting companies/countries in this fast evolving environment? How all these will affect gas consumers/Europe? What are the opportunities for LNG in the transport sector?

The objective of the OME Workshop is to answer those specific questions, and to aim at vibrant discussions with distinguished speakers around the topics that matter in the LNG industry today and in the future. The workshop is also an opportunity for mutual knowledge and information exchange as well as networking.

The workshop is organized within the framework of the OME Energy in the Mediterranean (ENERMED) training programme. It is designed for all audience: from experts, engineers, economists, energy and policy analysts, to middle- to senior-level managers, from both public and private actors. The success of previous workshops confirms OME’s ambition to be a privileged venue for meeting and to give participants, a network to share expertise and best practices on the main aspects of energy in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

For more information about participation, please contact ome@ome.org