January 19, 2021

OME Strategy and International Cooperation Committee meeting

December 29, 2020

OME Executive Committee and General Assembly meetings

December 17, 2020

OME Strategy Committee meeting

November 30, 2020

UfM Gas Platform workshop on the use of LNG in maritime transport in the Med. region

November 24, 2020

OME Energy Transition Committee meeting

At the heart of Mediterranean Energy Cooperation

Committed to promoting energy dialogue and cooperation in the Mediterranean Region. OME is a gathering platform and a Think Tank of reference making energy an instrument for regional integration. Since its creation 30 years ago, OME has carried out regional studies on all energy topics through an original and unique cooperation between experts from member companies, OME Technical Committees and OME’s permanent staff. OME is pioneer in the organization of high-level conferences, workshops and trainings on the various issues related to the energy sector in the Mediterranean countries.

GEM 16 – Special Covid-19 Edition

New edition of GEM just released in July 2020

Renewable energy technology dynamics, 2020

A focus on power generation capacity evolution in Mediterranean countries

MEP 2020 edition

To be released mid-March 2021

Renewable Energy Auctioning, 2020

In South and East Mediterranean Countries

Small Scale LNG Report, 2019

Business Options in the Mediterranean Region

UfM Gas Platform

The “gathering place of reference” for Euro-Mediterranean gas stakeholders

DNICast project

All deliverables available