OME launches the Covid-19 Task Force

In the context of a worldwide sanitary crisis, we are faced with unprecedent social, economic, financial, energy and climate related shocks and disruptions. The lockdown restriction measures had and are still having a dramatic impact on economies all around the world. In this regard, our region is particularly affected as uncertainties on the post confinement conditions and consequences as well as recovery at medium and long run are extremely marked.

With the objective of sharing their experience and collectively addressing the pandemic issue by evaluating the economic impact on the energy sector in the Mediterranean region in short, medium and long terms, OME members decided to launch an ad hoc Task Force. There is an undeniable need to identify the lessons learnt and imagine how to adapt to the new situation in the future.

The kick-off meeting of the OME Covid-19 Task Force was held on 29 April. Priority topics and activities have been identified. The Task Force will act as a gathering platform to collect information and share experience and views on how to adapt to the present situation and what would be the possible future both in the medium and long runs.