The Role of Gas in the Mediterranean Energy Transition

The OME, as Secretariat of the UfM Gas Platform, in cooperation with the European Commission, will organize on 10 December 2021, in Paris, a conference on the Role of Gas in the Mediterranean Energy Transition.

The Mediterranean countries are actively striving to balance their socio-economic development with the energy needed to fuel it, all the while ensuring energy security and environmental sustainability. The Paris Agreement, COP26 and the European Green Deal have sent out a global signal that the acceleration of a transition to a thriving and cleaner economy is necessary. Natural gas together with decarbonized and renewable gases such as biomethane and hydrogen gas will remain an important component of energy mix and electricity generation mix in the future. They will clearly play a major role in achieving sustainable energy future in the Mediterranean region.

On the occasion of the 30-year anniversary of OME which has been at the heart of energy in the Mediterranean energy matters, and which serves as the secretariat of the UfM Gas Platform, the aim of this conference is to discuss the key benefits, barriers and uncertainties, relevant challenges as well as future development perspectives for the role of gas in Mediterranean energy transition.