OME’s training workshop on “Energy in the Mediterranean”

From 9 to 11 February 2010, the OME organised in its premises the first edition of the ENERMED training programme.

One of OME’s main missions is the promotion of cooperation in the field of energy in the Mediterranean region, in particular between its members. The energy sector is constantly evolving, and brings out a deficit in terms of training in several fields. In this context, OME is setting up a training program in several steps. The first step consists in setting up a training session on “Energy in the Mediterranean” (ENERMED) open to the junior staff of OME members companies, in order to lay the bases of the economics of energy, the different energy fields, and to introduce the role of the Mediterranean and the actors who influence energy issues in the region. Concurrently, an in depth work will be conducted in the coming months to identify the needs for more specific training programs and propose, if deemed appropriate, a more detailed training program alongside ENERMED. OME thereby confirms its ambition to be a privileged venue for meeting and conferring between member companies, a network to share expertise and training on the main aspects of energy in the region.