Advisory Board Meeting of OME Mediterranean Energy Perspectives 2022

On 10 May 2022, the OME organised the first Advisory Board meeting of the Mediterranean Energy Perspectives 2022.

The 9th edition of OME’s flagship publication, Mediterranean Energy Perspectives – MEP 2022 is to be released in October 2022 and presented at the COP27 in Egypt. MEP-2022 ambitions to develop comprehensive energy scenarios and analysis of the energy sector in the Mediterranean region to 2050, including a net-zero carbon emissions scenario for the Mediterranean.

The Advisory Board meeting helped define the bases and framework of the OME energy scenarios, notably defining and expanding a most representative and ambitious Net-Zero energy scenario for the Mediterranean to 2050 taking into account the recent development for gas and the shifting focus to enhanced energy security.

The Advisory Board also discussed and helped set the outline for inter-related topics:
– New technologies with a focus on hydrogen, offshore wind, carbon capture and battery storage
– The circular economy and its crucial role in a sustainable energy future
– The socio-economic impact: based on an OME study notably looking at the job creation outcome of a net-zero scenario
– Gender diversity in the energy sector as a factor for driving more innovative and inclusive solutions for clean energy transitions in the Mediterranean
– The food-water-energy nexus and its complex inter-twined dependence, notably the impact of water scarcity on energy production (hydro, water desalination etc).