MEP 2018 presentation at ENI, Milan

At the invitation of ENI, the first presentation of MEP2018 took place in Milan on 4 April 2018.

Mediterranean Energy Perspectives 2018 presents a comprehensive analysis of the energy sector in the Mediterranean. It presents data ranging from the early days of the region’s energy industry to the situation today and an outlook to 2040 based on OME’s supply and demand model, the Mediterranean Energy Model. Current efforts, related to energy security, and notably taking into consideration the COP22 developments in regards of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency are carefully considered as they are key issues for the Mediterranean energy sector and for the whole economic and environment future of the region.

MEP2018 develops two scenarios:

The Reference Scenario considers past trends, current policies and ongoing projects and incorporates the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) but it assumes that international financing and other aids will not be forthcoming. Only unconditional NDC targets are assumed to be met.

The Proactive Scenario is based on the implementation of strong energy efficiency programmes and increased diversification in the energy mix based on the NDCs submitted by each country. This Scenario assumes that international financing will be made readily available and that all targets of the NDCs will be met in full.