MEPto2050 (2021 edition) will provide a unique and comprehensive analysis of the energy sector in the Mediterranean region. It will provide insights into the energy situation today and over the next decades to 2050 in the region.

As the world deals with an unprecedented global health crisis, the economic shock waves are rippling through the energy sector, threatening to derail current paths and commitments. The year 2020 is also a milestone from which to judge and assess the progress made in energy and environment and re-evaluate the paths embarked upon in the 21st Century. Nearly every government on Earth will, under the auspices of the United Nations Conference of Parties, consider two big questions: How well have we done against the climate change targets set in Paris in 2015? And how much more must we do to minimize the effects of climate change and ensure energy security?

Presenting updated comprehensive scenarios and analysis of the energy sector in the Mediterranean region is paramount to deliver strong messages to a broad global audience and help inflect the future on a virtuous path.

For this outlook, OME will once again update its Reference Scenario as a base scenario and will develop two alternative scenarios: An in-house OME-only Proactive Scenario and a joint scenario with the Ufm energy platforms, the “ProMed Scenario”.

The Proactive Scenario – OME only: is defined solely by OME members and experts and will incorporate NDC targets and beyond to present a Near-Zero Carbon Scenario.

The Near Zero Carbon ProMED Scenario based on existing and foreseen energy efficiency and increased diversification in the energy mix, tailored for each country is based on the expertise drawn from the experts-scenario workshops organized with the contribution of the three UfM energy platforms and was co-funded by the European Commission.