Decarbonizing the Mediterranean energy system through electrification

OME and the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP), in cooperation with ONEE (Office national de l’électricité et de l’eau potable), held a joint webinar on Monday, October 25 from 16:00 to 17:15 (Paris time). You can now watch the recording here.

The Mediterranean energy system must undergo a fundamental restructuring and reshaping to provide the necessary level of decarbonization, which would create challenges but would also provide various opportunities both in the Southern and Northern regions. Widespread electrification of end uses can significantly aid decarbonization efforts in the region. This is the opportunity to rethink power systems and develop and foster synergies and partnerships to help businesses, customers and local communities capture the benefits of electrification, all while ensuring electricity is cleaner, efficient, flexible, reliable, and affordable.


Lisa Guarrera, Director of Monitoring and Modeling Division, OME

Lisa Guarrera joined the OME in 2005 and is currently the Director of Monitoring and Modeling Division. As such she oversees OME’s work on historical data, outlooks and forecasts and is in charge of overall consistency of modelling work and resulting messages. She is also in charge of producing the Mediterranean Energy Perspectives, OME’s flagship publication. The Division produces medium to long term energy demand, efficiency, power generation, renewables and environmental analysis for the Mediterranean Energy Perspectives and other publications. She also conducts analysis on various energy topics such as energy efficiency, energy security, carbon emissions, energy transition, electrification and hydrogen.

Adriana Paez, Senior Advisor – Electrification, GSEP

Adriana Paez joined the GSEP in 2010. In her role as Senior Advisor, Electrification, she oversees GSEP’s research on electrification of end uses. With over 11 years working in sustainable energy, her work currently focuses on following and explaining the spread and pace of end-use electrification across sectors, showing where the bottlenecks lie and identifying the unlocks to accelerate the energy transition. Adriana also has extensive experience in building and maintaining multi-stakeholder partnerships in the energy sector. She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Economics.