OME delegation at COP22 in Marrakech, led by Chairman Bruno Lescoeur, very actively participated to several events, in particular 10 events in which OME was organiser, co-organiser or speaker.

The Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)[1] scenario jointly prepared and presented by OME and MEDENER was very much appreciated, highlighting the challenges ahead the countries in the region to reach the 2°C target, but also opportunities thanks to the huge potential of energy efficiency and renewable in addition to the availability of natural gas, the cleanest hydrocarbon energy source. These events benefit from a large media coverage (UNFCCC[2] website, COP22 website, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), Fédération de l’Energie newsletter …). Synthesis of the NDCs Scenario is available at the GEM special COP22 issue (see publication page) and on request (

[1] According to the Paris Agreement, each Party shall prepare, communicate and maintain successive nationally determined contributions (NDCs) that it intends to achieve. Parties shall pursue domestic mitigation measures, with the aim of achieving the objectives of such contributions.

[2] UNFCCC : United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Side Events:

–         10 November 2016, Integration of Renewable energies into the national electrical grids, organized by ONEE and OME

Hassan Abaach, senior Advisor Electricity, on behalf of OME presented the energy perspectives in the Mediterranean region with a special focus on renewable energies.

–         11 November 2016, What energy transition for the Mediterranean region under NDCs and role of actors?, organized by OME, MEDENER and ADEME

The first event of the three OME side events on energy transition, open to the general public in the green zone, presented the energy transition through all its stakeholders, individual consumers (Vaia Tuuhia, General Delegate 4D), national and international initiatives (Hassen El Agrebi, ANME, Head of International Cooperation MEDENER Presidency; and Marco Margheri, WEC Italy), investors (Meriem Elmandjra, MorSEFF[3], Technical assistance team EBRD Initiative) and industry (Obaid Amrane, MASEN, Member of the Board). The event was opened by Houda Ben Jannet Allal (General Director OME) and Bruno Lechevin (President ADEME); the Energy Transition scenario was presented by Lisa Guarrera (Director Modeling and Monitoring OME) and round table discussions were moderated by Samir Allal (University of Versailles). Saïd Mouline, General Director of AMEE (Morocco) and member of the Steering Committee of COP22 gave a special speech highlighting the importance of energy efficiency in the success of any energy transition in the Mediterranean region, the complementarity between energy efficiency and renewables and the central role of regional cooperation in these domains.

–         11 November 2016, Climate change and energy transition in Mediterranean Region: Opportunities through NDCs cooperation?, organized by OME – UPC

The second event, an official UNFCCC side event took place in the accredited blue zone in the frame of the BINGO day, and was opened by Minister Salaheddine Mezouar, Chairman of COP22. The side event, organized in collaboration with UPC (University of Cataluna), presented and discussed climate change and NDCs in the Mediterranean region (UPC, Plan Bleu) and the results of the NDCs scenario (Lisa Guarrera, OME and François Gréaume, ADEME). The round table was moderated by Amine Hoffmann (ENGIE) and brought together Prof. Josep Xercavins, UPC ; Amado Gil, GNF ; Abdelali Dakkina, AMEE ; Mohamed El Amrani, Fédération de l’Energie  and Silvia Pariente David, CMI. The event was opened by Bruno Lescoeur (Chairman OME) and Josep Xercavins (UPC) and closed by Houda Ben Jannet Allal (General Director OME).

–         11 November 2016, Energy transition in Mediterranean Region: How to reach the NDCs goals and beyond, through a strong regional cooperation?, organized by ADEME, MEDENER and OME

The third event was held in the European Pavilion in the Blue zone, under the European Commission patronage and discussed the Energy transition and NDCs scenario looking more specifically at the role of cooperation notably through the UFM Energy Platforms. Mrs. Elina Bardram, Head of Unit International and Inter-institutional Relations, EC, DG for Climate Action and Head of the EU delegation at COP22 made the opening remarks. Lisa Guarrera, OME and François Gréaume, ADEME, gave the results of the NDCs and Energy Transition scenarios. The round table was moderated by François Moisan, Director Research and International, ADEME and brought together Bruno Lescoeur, Chairman OME; Jorge Borrego, Deputy Secretary General of Energy and Climate UfM, Hassen El Agrebi, ANME, MEDENER Presidency and Maged Mahmoud, RCREEE Technical Director. This last event was concluded with the call of Marrakech for a Mediterranean Energy Transition, prepared by OME, MEDENER and ADEME, read by Houda Allal, OME General Director.

–         11 November 2016, Agenda of regional Mediterranean events: A common approach of Mediterranean partners, organized by UfMs

The event was the occasion for stakeholders to present the side events they were organizing at COP22 in relation with the Mediterranean. OME General Director presented OME and the three side events it organized on the energy transition in the Mediterranean region, highlighting the challenges and opportunities for the region also in relation with climate change.

–         13 November 2016, Side Event gathering the Italian Parliamentary Delegation, organized by Globe Italia – WEC Italia

The event was the occasion for OME to present the outcome of the Mediterranean Energy Scenarios and the messages brought to COP22, including the need for the region to be more ambitious and the importance of regional cooperation. OME participants were Bruno Lescoeur, OME Chairman, Houda Ben Jannet Allal, OME General Director and Assaad Saab, EDF.

–         14 November 2016, Launch Event of the UfM Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Platform, organized by the EU

The launching event of the UfM Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Platform took place at COP22 in the EU Pavilion. Bruno Lescoeur, OME Chairman represented OME. OME delegation and several members representatives were also present.

–         14 November 2016, La Transition énergétique pour un développement bas carbone, organized by the Tunisian Ministry for Energy, ANME and UNDP

The event was the occasion to present and discuss the energy transition in Tunisia. Houda Ben Jannet Allal, OME General Director, participated to the round table on the stakes of the energy transition policies and regional and international initiatives. She highlighted that the national determined contributions (NDC) are a first step towards sustainable development in the region, the review of which in 2018 will be a major challenge to keep global warming in the region below the limit of 2 ° C. She furthermore highlighted the need for the UfM energy Platforms to deliver and the importance of strengthening regional cooperation towards a successful energy transition in the region to the benefit of all.

–         15 November 2016, Electricity and Innovation to Play Key Role in Achieving Successful Implementation of the Paris Agreement, GSEP Side Event, organized by the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP) in collaboration with EDF, Enel and Hydro-Québec

The breakfast roundtable discussion brought together forward-thinking players of the global electricity sector who shared their views on how electricity can reduce the carbon footprint, as well as the key elements needed to help countries meet their NDCs and the successful implementation of the Paris Agreement. Bruno Lescoeur and Houda Ben Jannet Allal shared OME perspectives and highlighted that the Mediterranean NDCs are a first step towards sustainable development in the region but not enough to keep global warming in the region below the limit of 2 ° C. They furthermore highlighted the important role of energy efficiency from one side and natural gas and renewables from another and also the opportunity to strengthen the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in these fields.

–        17 November 2016, Signature of an MoU between the Ministry for Energy, Mines, Water and Environment, the Fédération de l’Energie and OME

[3] MorSEFF: Morocco Sustainable Energy Financing