“Building a Euro-Mediterranean energy bridge: the strategic importance of Euro-med gas and electricity networks in the context of energy security “

Rome, 19 November – Participants to the ministerial conference ” Building a Euro-Mediterranean energy bridge: the strategic importance of Euro-med gas and electricity networks in the context of energy security “, organized by the Italian Presidency of the European Union and the European Commission agreed to intensify the Euro-Med cooperation in the energy sector and consequently concluded with the establishment of three platforms to enhance bottom up dialogue and exchange of best practices: on gas, on electricity and on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

OME has been selected to support the Gas Platform and will contribute to the two others. Tunisia offered to host the launch of the Gas Platform in June 2015 back to back with the coming OME General Assembly.

Bruno Lescoeur, OME Chairman and CEO of EDISON and Rachid Ben Daly, OME-Vice Chairman and CEO of STEG, jointly, explained that “this platform will aim at enhancing the cooperation in the Euro Med region between all the stakeholders of the natural gas chain through a bottom-up approach in order to improve gas supply security by identifying barriers or opportunities in terms of demand, supply, market structure, etc. This informal structure will be open to governments, regional organizations, administrative authorities, and private and public companies involved in the natural gas value chain.

We are committed to pursue our efforts for this platform to be an effective tool to enhance and invigorate the regional energy partnership in the natural gas field, contributing thus to a secure and sustainable development of the region in general.”

During the Ministerial working dinner, organized on 18 November by the Italian Presidency of the EU with support of OME and Edison, Bruno Lescoeur, Chairman of OME and CEO of EDISON contributed to the debate on the topic of: The role of investments: a Euro-Mediterranean vision. In particular, he underlined that significant and long-term investments will be needed by the energy sector in the Euro-Mediterranean region, which implies that the pertinent framework for investment is developed to attract them. On this regard, he added: “OME has worked in the past to increase visibility and options for cooperation and financing. We signed an important Memorandum in Rome with our colleagues and friends of the EBRD, which marks an important step in allowing for a better framework for long-term investments. We look forward to continuing and increasing this cooperation”.

The Conference, chaired by the Minister of economic development of Italy, Mrs Federica Guidi and yhe European Commission Vice President for Energy, Mr. Maroš Šefcovic gathered ministers and high level representatives from more than 33 countries and 200 delegates from ministries, public and private stakeholders of the Euro-Mediterranean countries including industry, regulators and financial institutions.